Images are UP! – Binion Hoard Coin Auction – Dec 6th

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Coins from the Binon Hoard Collection will be up for auction in Bismarck on December 6th.  This will be your chance to own quality coins from one of the greatest US silver dollar hoards ever discovered, shrouded in a legacy marked by fame, public downfall, infidelity and possible murder.  Proceeds from this select 17 lots will be donated to the Bismarck Rotary Scholarship Fund.  Check out the December 6th coin auction tab for complete photos and further information.

  • Date: December 6th, 2014
  • Time: 11 AM CST
  • Location: Courtyard by Marriot, Bismarck, ND

Ted Binion, son to a gambling legacy and owner of the famous Horseshoe Casino, created this hoard by cherry picking the best silver coins from his gambling tables and keeping them for himself.  The coins were saved in a walk-in freezer at the basement of his casino until he lost in license to operate his casino in 1997 and was blacklisted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.  Binion enlisted a down-and-out business partner to create a secret underground vault in the Nevada desert, where he stored his 46,000 lbs of hoarded US Silver.  Less than a year later, Binion was found dead in his home, with his live-in girlfriend and business partner charged with his murder.  They were found guilty of attempting to steal the coin hoard after his death.

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